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Haythem Mahbouli started playing guitar at the age of 13. Soon after, he became involved with local Rock and Metal bands. What started as a hobby, grew to be a full time gig where Haythem performed live and produced recording sessions.

While Rock and Metal were his main sources of income, Haythem wanted to broaden his horizon into original scores, ambient, and contemporary music. He started composing for TV ads, short films, and enrolled in a sound editing program.

After the 2011 Tunisian revolution, Haythem decided to move to Canada and settle in Montreal. He put his composing on hiatus and took a Sound Designer job in the video game industry.


Five years later, Haythem decided it was time for the hiatus to be over and for him to start on his first solo album.


Haythem seamlessly blends orchestral parts with sound textures and design elements with a desire to create a minimalistic theatrical composition.


“I don’t want to predefine my genre or have an instrument-centered composition (e.g. piano). I see music as a mix of sounds that create emotions. Emotions can emerge in any music form. “

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